How to generate a barcode for printing
Barcode generation for UPC/EAN is built into

Go to the search page and enter the UPC/EAN/GTIN code. All valid barcode numbers are supported. Each barcode can be saved to PNG or JPG format. You can use the files in any word processor or graphics program that supports images.

The site displays standard UPC-A and EAN-13 barcodes where applicable. An EAN-13 barcode is generated for all UPC/EAN/ISBN codes. A UPC-A/UPC-12 barcode is generated for all UPC codes.

How to use PNG images in other documents
Barcodes generated on the site can be exported as transparent PNG files by clicking the save as PNG buttons. You can apply the transparent PNG file over any light colored background.

For dark backgrounds, use an image editor such as Photoshop, MS Paint,, Gimp, etc and invert the colors of the PNG. This will give you a transparent white barcode. Note that white on black barcodes may not be detected by some scanners. You should use a white background for the barcode and place that on your dark background.

To fill in the background with a custom color, add a new layer below the barcode image layer and fill it with the color. You can also use a paint bucket fill on the barcode layer. You should use a light color for maximum contrast, otherwise scanning problems can occur. Flattening the image will usually fill the background in with white. If you need a standard black barcode on a white background, the JPG image provides this.

For use on a webpage, simply display the PNG file using an IMG tag and the page or div background will show through.

The images can be scaled in graphics programs. You can scale down to some extent, but scaling too small may prevent scanning. Scaling up will reduce quality, but shouldn't interfere with scanning. You can also zoom the webpage and snip or screenshot the page to get different sizes.

Mobile Gallery Apps
If your download preview or mobile gallery app uses a black background, the PNG image may not be visible. This is because it is displayed as black on black. You will need to transfer the file to an image editor, or edit it in place by inverting colors or adjusting contrast to make it visible. The JPG version should be visible on your device without editing.

How to use JPG images in other documents
Barcodes generated on the site can be exported as JPG with a white background by clicking the save as JPG buttons. If you need a different background color, you will need to edit the image and replace the background. We recommend using the PNG file instead.

How to print barcodes
For label printers, you may be able to print the image directly to the printer. Generate an image file using the PNG or JPG buttons and open it in your graphics program. Then adjust the page setup to print the barcode on the label in the proper orientation. Printers may scale the image, so you may need to adjust scaling to get the result you need.

For printing to precut page labels, such as Avery labels, use a template in your word processor. Copy the barcode image from the screen or download it. Paste or load the image into the selected areas in the label template.

Printing barcodes directly to a Brother QL series label printer using Paint.Net software on Windows

Scanning from a computer/device screen
Scanning barcode images directly from a LCD or OLE screen is possible. For camera based scans, this is generally easy. For LED or laser scanners, the screen may reflect the beam, making scanning more difficult. If you have trouble, try adjusting the scanner angle.

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